A balanced approach to health

  • Hormone Balancing

    From thyroid hormones, to stress hormones, to sex hormones — Our hormones are a complex system that rely on each other to function. Let's get them back in balance.

  • Microbiome Balancing

    Your gut health relies on a functioning and balanced microbiome. Through functional testing, digestive support & targeted nutrient intake, we can work to restore your gut.

  • Mineral Balancing

    A homeopathic approach to finding balance in the body is through the building blocks of our cells, minerals. Find out how HTMA testing & mineral balancing can help your health goals.

Empower Yourself & Take Back Your Health

Coaching Services

Meet Your Coach

Remy is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in combining Eastern healing modalities such as Herbalism & TCM, with Western practices including Homeopathy & Holistic Nutrition.

She is an advocate for root-cause healing and functional testing to help her clients get results.

Learn more about Remy and how she can help you on your healing journey, below.

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